King Absorbing and heating finishing agent E-F47

This product can be used through processes such as impregnation and rolling.
The amount of use of this product is determined by the type of fabric to be treated, weight, and liquid content, with a dosage of 3-10% (dry to weight ratio of the fabric).
Drying: 100-110 ℃; Baking: 150 ℃~180 ℃ × 1-2min
To achieve good washing resistance and handle of the finished fabric, a matching auxiliary agent - fastness promoter FIX-ET must be used, with a dosage of 1-3% (for the dry weight ratio of the fabric).
1. It may have an impact on certain colors of the fabric. Before mass production, a small sample must be made for confirmation;
2. Please use the prepared finishing agent working solution within the same day;
3. After long-term storage, this product may experience layering and sedimentation. Before use, each  packaging  barrel  needs  to  be  thoroughly  stirred  before  use  to  ensure  uniformity  of treatment.
4. Extending the baking time can improve washing resistance;
An appropriate amount of softener can also be added to improve the feel.
By  combining  with  the   fastness  promoter   FIX-ET,  a  fabric  with   good  washing resistance and good heating effect can be obtained, which can increase the temperature up to 3-10 ℃.
This absorbent can absorb visible and infrared light emitted from the surface of textiles and irradiated on them, and can play a heating and warming role.
1. By selecting appropriate auxiliary agents, good washing resistance can be achieved;
2. Has good visible and infrared absorption rates;
3. Having a relatively fine particle size and distribution, the fabric has a good hand feel after treatment with this product;
4. It has good fever and long-lasting effects.
Appearance: Dark liquid;
Composition: Preparation of metal oxides;
PH: 8-10 (stock solution);
Ionicity: non ionic/anionic.

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