King Printing anti fouling agent E-A94

Dosage: 0.3-0.5g/L (dosage can be adjusted according to actual needs)
Process: 50 ℃ × 10-20min → water washing → drying
As we can’t fully take into account every condition the product is used in, our customers have to apply their technique and products according to the corresponding conditions by trials. When mixing with other auxiliaries, you have to choose suitable products and their proportions with experiments.
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This product is mainly used for anti fouling treatment during printing and dyeing with reactive, direct, dispersed, and acidic dyes. It can effectively improve various fastness such as soap washing and dry wet rubbing. This product prevents white ground from staining,improves washing efficiency, and saves water consumption.
1. It can improve friction and washing fastness.
2. Effectively prevent the detachment and re adhesion of floating colors during soap washing.
3. Stable in acids, alkalis, hard water, and neutral salts.
Appearance: Yellow transparent liquid
PH value: approximately 6
Solubility: easily soluble in cold water

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